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Page Last Updated, Febrary 4th, 2018

Jan Pirog, October 21, 1919 - August 30, 2009. R.I.P.

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Pirog Family Tree

Jan Pirog Born: October 21st, 1919 - Rohatyn Poland


Robert Pirog: Born: October 23rd, 1880. Somewhere in the region of Chicago, IL, USA

Died: May 1st, 1920

Cause of death: Wounded in leg and chest defending Poland from Russian invasion. Never recovered.

Robert's Father (Johan) was born and grew up "somewhere in New Jersey," served in the 9th U.S Cavalry, and moved to the Chicago area where Robert was born. When he was 5 years old, the family moved to Poland flush with dollars, where they invested the money in real estate.

At 18, Robert left for America again - to avoid the Polish draft. At that time, Poland was under the rule of Austria. Several years later he returned, only to be forced into the Austrian army for WW I. He survived that war, came home, sired Jan, and then was needed to defend Poland from the Russians - who had decided it was THEIR turn to rule Poland. A 350,000 strong Polish army repelled the one million strong Russian army, but Robert was fatally wounded. Jan never knew his birth father.


Maria Parypa - Born: July 5th, 1891.

Status: Unknown

Robert's and Maria's Children

Katarzyna Pirog - Born: May 3rd, 1912

Anna Pirog - Born: January 1st, 1914

Jan Pirog - Born: October 21st, 1919

Step Father

Stefan Mahorowski - Born: March 3rd, 1896

Stefan and Maria's Children

Antoni Mahorowski - Born: December 7th, 1922

Michal Mahorowski - Born: July 5th, 1929.

Jan's Wife

Maria Dominik - Born: March 22nd, 1928 - Stanislawow, Poland

Deceased: September 15th, 2013 - RIP.

Jan's and Maria's Children and Grandchildren

Richard - Born: March 17th, 1947 - Germany

Deceased: August 20th, 2012 - RIP.

Richard's Children:

Shelley Ann - Born: August 31st, 1968 - Bristol, England

Shelley's Family:

Husband: Martin Smith

Son #1: Ethan Smith - Born: August 21st, 2002

Son #2: Joel Smith - Born: August 8th, 2004

Robert Jordan - Born: February 18th, 1970 - Bristol, England

Robert's Family:

Partner: Lisa Jane Grey

Daughter: Chelsea Louise - Born: January 14th, 1992

Son: Liam Sydney - Born: August 28th, 2000

Henryk (Henry) Boguslaw - Born: October 16th, 1949 - England 

Deceased: March 8th, 2002 - May he rest in peace.

Henry's son:

Mark Henryk - Born: December 15th, 1967 - Bristol, England

Antony (Tony) Edward - Born: July 5th, 1955 - Bristol, England

Tony's Family:

Wife: Zofia Anna (Nee Silezin) - Born: March 15th, 1958 - Lukowa, Poland

Son #1: David (Dave) Alexander - Born: February 2nd, 1983 - La Grange, Illinois - Married March 31st, 2007 to Maria Patricia (Patty) Chuy: Birthday September 27th, 1986

David's Son:

Logan Jacob - Born: February 16th, 2010 - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Son #2: Steven (Steve) Jonathan - Born: June 22nd, 1985 - La Grange, Illinois - Married May 12th, 2009 to Jennifer (Jen) Esling: Birthday March 28th, 1986.

Steven's Son:

Nathan Alexander - Born: June 5th, 2013 - Winfield, Illinois

Son #3: Jonathan (Jon) Matthew - Born: October 17th - 1987, Downers Grove, Illinois

Julian Stefan - Born: October 23rd, 1963 - Bristol, England

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