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Jan Pirog, October 21, 1919 - August 30, 2009. R.I.P.

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Post War Photographs

Dad War Portrait

Sitting for a Portrait after the war ended - in full regalia

Dad AFTER the War?

In the early 50's
Elder of the Clan
Jan at 65 years of age
Jan and Maria some time in the 50's or 60's?
Jan, Maria, Richard and Henry (About 1952?)
Jan and Maria, Richard, Henry and Antony, late 1950's
Jan and Maria, 1977
Jan, Maria and Tony, some time in the 70's
Jan and Henry, around 1980?
Jan, Maria and Henry, around 1980
Elder of the Clan
Being decorated in France (2004)

Jan's Latest Decoration and Diploma - 2006
60th Anniversary Commemoration of the Polish Halifax Crash


Jan and tank
Holland Cemetery

Two of them in the photo were in the action that earned him the "Virtuti", cpl Przybylowski, and lance cpl Szurek who lives in the States.

The graves in front of them are those of men who died when Jan got the "Krysz Walecznych."
Gen Macziek, Tank destroyer with 17 lb armour piercing gun
Gen Maczek, Tank destroyer with 17 lb armour piercing gun
(Picture taken at Mt. Ormel which was nicknamed "Maczuga" and now it stays there as a monument to the Polish 1st Armoured with the Polish flag at the forefront.)

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Maczek Stanislaw, Lieutenant-General (1892 – 1994)
Jan, Maria and Tony, 2003
Jan, Maria and Tony, 2003
Jan and Tony, 2003

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